Payment Methods

Auto payment with Credit Card

You can pay your monthly fee automatically with the following credit cards:


Tarjetas para débito automático


Automatic payment with retirement or pension account

Only providing a photocopy of your monthly retirement pay stub, you can set up automatic payments from your retirement /pension account with:
  • BPS

Decentralized payment – Abitab Online

You may pay your monthly fee in any of the over 300 Abitab stores in the country, through the online system, that allows you to pay without showing a bill, only providing the ID number of the main policy-holder. Please keep the receipt provided, since it is your proof of payment. Payments may be made from the 1st to the 15th of each month.

Payment of bills in advance

Payment of bills in advance may be carried out through Abitab or the credit cards mentioned above, after speaking on the phone with one of our representatives.

Bi-annual payment

Paying 5 months in advance, you obtain the 6th month FREE

Annual Plan

Paying 10 months in advance, you obtain the following 2 months FREE.
If you are already a member and wish to change your form of payment, please call our office during regular business hours and we will process the change for you.